The Slidell Independent

The Slidell Independent questions are in bold and numbered. Sean’s answers are below each question.

  1. Name

Sean Morrison

  1. Why are you the best candidate for this position?

People are sick of hearing that nothing can be done to serve them. I have spent my career as an attorney working as a public servant within government. I know how to overcome the obstacles to great service. My experience solving problems within government will bring real value to the district.

  1. What is your overview about changing things for the better in South Louisiana?

I believe that our government needs to get back in the business of serving its citizens first and helping Louisiana business thrive. I want to ensure that people receive the services the state offers in an effective and efficient way. That requires investing in work, family, and community.

  1. How can you help fix the annual budget problems?

With the budget crisis over, we can rebuild Louisiana to focus it on serving people and communities first. To avoid this mess in the future, we need to regularly review all tax credits, exemptions, and rebates to ensure we get a return on investment, and renegotiate when we are not.

  1. What can you do to bring quality jobs to St. Tammany Parish?

We need to work together as a community to bring economic growth. That means public officials working across the parish to develop shovel-ready projects that invest in the infrastructure that attracts businesses. A 50-job firm that stays is better than a 1,000-job firm that leaves when their tax exemptions expire.

  1. What else is a top priority for you as a state legislator?

We need to end the lost decade of frozen K-12 funding and Louisiana’s blame-teachers-first policies. That means investing in education and educators so that teachers make a living wage and students have the supplies they need to learn. Business does not come to a state infamous for poor education.

  1. Bio information:

Sean met his wife Meg at Tulane. They got married here and their son Jake was born at Slidell Memorial.  They found Slidell to be a great place to live, with good schools, low crime, affordable housing, and beautiful natural scenery. They also found a warm, welcoming community. Sean represents the 22nd Judicial District in the Louisiana Bar Association House of Delegates, and serves on the Bar’s Legislative Committee. He graduated from the Leadership St. Tammany program, is Treasurer of the Slidell Toastmasters, and serves as Chair of the St. Tammany Parish Democratic Party.