Sean has dedicated his career to helping people through public service. In his work, he has seen how the government is supposed to operate, and what gets in the way. All too often, he saw legislators create misguided laws that make it impossible to provide adequate service to the people. Many politicians claim they can’t help, and then don’t. Sean will roll up his sleeves, stop playing politics, and start doing the hard work of growing our city. Sean has the determination, experience, and knowledge to get the job done. Sean is a strong champion, and he will lead the way to change.

“I was always interested in government, fairness, equality, and justice…It’s clear that we need to get politics out of the way of progress in Slidell.”

Family Life

Sean was born in Missouri and his family moved often, living in towns like Egan, Louisiana in the South and Stillwater, Oklahoma, in the Midwest. Over the years, Sean has seen firsthand the many different aspects of American life. Michael Morrison, Sean’s father, has worked in the oil and gas industry his entire career. His mother, Christy, is a school teacher in Houston. Together, they taught him that hard work and dedication are the core values that lead to success and happiness.

Sean met his wife Meg in New Orleans while attending Tulane University. Sean and Meg married in 2008. Their children, Jake and Mary, were both born right here in Slidell. With the wholehearted support of his family, Sean set out to enter public office and to be the voice of change.

Education and Scholarship

Sean studied political science, psychology, and philosophy at Tulane University. He earned his Juris Doctorate with honors from Case Western Reserve University School of Law, focusing on international law and war crimes. An avid scholar and astute learner, Sean’s studies continue, with diverse interests that range from American politics to ancient history to Python programming.

An Extraordinary Career

Sean’s career has not been ordinary. He has worked with amputees from Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war, while prosecuting war criminals working with the Special Court for Sierra Leone in Freetown. Scuba diving with the Governor of American Samoa, he examined the island’s pristine underwater coral reefs after a devastating tsunami. He helped the state of Mississippi raise islands out of the ocean to build bird nesting habitats and beaches.

In law school Sean worked for the prosecution of the United Nations Special Court for Sierra Leone in Freetown. The work taught him the importance of good government and the rule of law. After law school he found that working at a large law firm downtown was not the path he wanted. Instead, he moved to American Samoa and became a criminal prosecutor there. However, after the islands were hit with a tsunami in 2009, he immediately transferred to the Department of Commerce, where he worked on rebuilding the community, revitalizing its broken economy, and planning to prevent future disasters. Through these endeavors, Sean learned that serving people through government was the most rewarding work he could do, and his chosen path.

On returning to the mainland, Sean became a Special Assistant Attorney General representing the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, working to conserve our beautiful Gulf Coast–its beaches, wetlands, and fisheries–for future generations. He began in the wake of scandal, as the former executive director and others were jailed for corruption. Sean was part of the new team that reorganized the department, put in place new legal and fiscal systems, and rebuilt the reputation so that today the Department of Marine Resources is the gold standard of government in Mississippi.

In 2013, he opened the Sean Morrison Law Offices LLC, committed to serving the small business community and children with special needs.

Sean serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Northshore Families Helping Families; as Treasurer of the Slidell Toastmasters; serves on the Louisiana Bar Association’s Legislative Committee and House of Delegates, and will soon serve on the Board of the Leadership St. Tammany program, which he graduated from in 2018.

Slidell – A Great Place to Call Home

When my wife and I left Samoa, we opened a map, knowing we could live anywhere in the world. But we loved Louisiana its beauty, culture, and people and we had to come back.

When Sean and Meg moved to Slidell, they knew that had found home. It was a great place to live, with good schools, low crime, affordable housing, and beautiful natural scenery. They also found a warm, welcoming community.

Sean’s friends in the community convinced him to become involved and preserve and nurture Slidell as it grows. He wants every decision that he makes to improve the lives of everyone in District D — all 2,309 of them.