How to Vote for the First Time

You’re 18, and a lot is going on. But one of the perks of being an adult is that you get to vote. Finally, people have to listen to you, but how do you do it? We’ll walk you through step by step.

How to register to vote

In order to vote, you first need to register as a voter. But you need to do it quick, because there is a deadline before the election to register. There are two ways to do it:

  1. The website – go to, scroll to the bottom and click on “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER OR CHANGE YOUR REGISTRATION.” Say you want to register to vote, and fill out the information.
  2. By snail mail – Download the application and mail it to the Registrar of Voters Office:


  1. Register in person – Go to the Towers Building (see the address above) and go to the Registrar’s office on the second floor.

If you want to vote in the Slidell elections, the deadline to register online is March 5, and the deadline to register by mail is February 23. So get moving!

What’s on the ballot?

So what are we voting for anyway? If you’re voting in the Slidell elections, you’re voting for your city council representatives and police chief.

First, download the GeauxVote app (Apple | Android). Set it up and it will tell you who your elected officials are, when the elections are, and where you vote.

When do you vote?

The Slidell elections are on March 26, but we also have early voting between March 12-19 (except Sunday). Early voting is super-easy, avoids lines, and fits your schedule.

Polls are open from 7am-8pm.

Where do you vote?

If you are early voting, then you will vote at the Towers Building – 520 Old Spanish Trail, Slidell, LA 70458

If you are voting on March 26, then you will go to your precinct voting area, which is different for everyone. To find out yours, either check on the GeauxVote app, or go to the Voter Portal at

What should you bring?

In order to vote, you need to bring your ID, whether it’s a driver’s license, special ID, military ID, or something. If you don’t have any ID, you can sign a special affidavit, but it’s subject to challenge.

If it helps, bring a list of the candidates you want to vote for. That way you won’t be stuck in the ballot booth.

How to vote

Louisiana uses electronic voting machines. If you’re voting on election day, you’ll walk in and sign-in at your precinct (check the GeauxVote app to see what precinct you’re in, or just ask somebody). They will take your ID and give you a sign-in sheet to sign. Then one person will read our the name, and another person will too. Then they will give you your ID, and a voting card.

Take the card to the booth and enter it into the slot. You will see the issues up for election with a button next to each selection. Simply click on the button of your selected candidate. Make sure you’ve voted in all matters on the ballot. Sometimes a new matter could be on a new page, so make sure you’ve gotten everything.

Want to see what it looks like first? Go here and enter your precinct number:

This is what it looks like for precinct S13 (Palm Lake neighborhood): Sample Ballot

When you’re done, you’ll hit a submit button and remove your card. You’ll drop the card in a basket, maybe pick up a sticker, and you’ve done it! Congratulations, you’re a voter and you’re making a difference in your city.